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This is me

Music has enriched my life in so many wonderful ways, and I want to share this joy and enthusiasm with my students. It's the moment when I see a student holding the cello in their hands and bringing the sounds to life for the first time that fills me with renewed fulfillment each time. Every person has their unique voice, and I want to help them discover that voice and express it through the sounds of the cello.

My story


I was fortunate enough to take my first steps into the world of music at a musical kindergarten. The piano was my first instrument, and I vividly remember the exciting moments when I moved my fingers across the keys and brought forth the first melodies. But then I discovered the cello and fell in love instantly. The warm and deep sounds of this beautiful instrument fascinated me from the very beginning.

My musical journey eventually led me to the Conservatory of Vienna, where I completed my studies in concert performance and instrumental pedagogy with a focus on musical education for children. In addition to my studies in Vienna, I had the wonderful opportunity to study at the University of Music Cologne.

During my studies, I also attended numerous masterclasses. These intense and inspiring days with renowned cellists from around the world expanded my musical horizons and encouraged me to find my own voice as a cellist.


In addition to my teaching activities, I also work as a concert cellist. I love performing solo, whether it's with an orchestra or with live electronics. I also enjoy playing chamber music and performing with other musicians, be it in a duo with an accordion, a harp, or a piano. It brings me great joy to collaborate with other artists such as dancers, actors, and painters.

I am particularly proud of my solo performances in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein and at Carnegie Hall in New York, where I had the privilege of performing my own compositions. I have had the pleasure of playing and presenting my music in nearly 30 countries across 4 continents.

Furthermore, I am the director of a multidisciplinary festival called "Treffpunkt Kunst" in Vienna. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring together various art forms and provide people with a diverse artistic experience.


I began my teaching career at a young age and have gathered over 20 years of experience. I am a cello and modern playing techniques instructor at the Richard Wagner Conservatory in Vienna.

Additionally, I have given numerous masterclasses, including at the Rasumovsky School for gifted musicians and at the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory in Buenos Aires. I have also been titled as an honorary guest professor at the Hernandez Conservatory in Buenos Aires.


When teaching, I focus on the individual needs and abilities of my students. I firmly believe that learning an instrument is also a journey of self-discovery, and this journey is as diverse as we are as individuals.

In addition to building a solid technical foundation with a pedagogical "standard repertoire," I enjoy expanding my teaching methods. This includes improvisation, cross-genre repertoire, contemporary music and modern playing techniques, as well as creative work. Additionally, I supplement my teaching with ear training and parallel knowledge of music history, music theory, and other relevant areas.

Through a compassionate and motivating teaching approach, I create a supportive learning environment where students can freely unfold. I encourage them to explore their musical interests and preferences and incorporate them into the lessons. It is a dynamic process that honors the traditional roots of music while leaving room for innovation and personal expression.

Overall, it is my goal to accompany, inspire, and motivate my students on their musical journey. I want to enable them to experience the joy of music and unfold their musical uniqueness.

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